GAME-CHANGER: Queue Callback Feature Dramatically Improves Customer Satisfaction

There are very few things that customers dislike more than being placed on hold. Research has found that 31% of customers will not wait on hold for more than five minutes.

Even worse, many of these unhappy customers are unlikely to come back and give a business a second chance. Separate research has found that after a single bad experience:

  • 58% of customers stopped buying from the business.
  • 52% of customers switched to a different business for that particular product or service.
  • 52% of customers told others not to buy that particular product or service from the business.
  • 48% of customers were unlikely to consider that business when making future purchases of any kind.

Ideally, businesses would always be able to answer every single call. However, this is simply unrealistic. There are always going to be scenarios where agents are unavailable.

Fortunately, our all-in-one cloud phone system can be configured with a game-changing feature that delights customers rather than frustrates them: Queue Callback.

About Queue Callback

Let’s say that a customer calls, and no agent is available to immediately speak to them. Instead of asking them to wait on hold — which some customers are reluctant to do, and some customers refuse to do — the Queue Callback feature asks them if they wish to request a callback, and assures them that their place is in the queue will be retained. In other words, they will not wait one second longer to speak with an agent by using the feature.

If they would like to receive a callback, the customer can confirm so by pressing a digit on their phone. Then the first available agent returns the customer’s call. The total amount of time spent on hold? ZERO!

The Bottom Line

An axiom on the business landscape goes: “if you don’t take care of your customer, then sooner or later a competitor will.” The Queue Callback feature helps businesses clearly demonstrate that they are dedicated to taking care of their customers — which can make ALL THE DIFFERENCE between keeping them on the roster vs. losing them forever.

Learn more about our game-changing Queue Callback feature. Call Carolina Digital Phone today at (336) 544-4000, or click the chat icon at the bottom of your screen.

Nicky Smith

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