Video Conference Security is More Important Than Ever

In today’s current climate, video conference security has become more important than ever before. More people are remote working in light of the coronavirus lockdown. Getting used to remote working isn’t easy. You need to get your routine figured out and you need to get used to the different tools you will be using while working from home. It’s a big shift! And, this is represented effectively when it comes to the different statistics out there in regards to collaboration tools and the usage of online video context.

Let’s take a look at the case of Zoom…

We only need to look at the statistics regarding Zoom participants to see the massive changes that have happened. In December 2019, the maximum number of participants on Zoom having daily meetings – both paid and free – was around the 10-million mark. In April, the figure topped 300 million! That’s a huge difference! While these tools are helping people to stay connected, there providing concerns in terms of security.

While Zoom is having great success, its security flaws have also been exposed in a public manner. Recently, search engine giant Google sent emails to their workforce stating that there were security vulnerabilities with the Zoom app. They warned employees that the app, therefore, would not work on their laptops going forward.

This is not the only time that there have been concerns and talk about Zoom’s security. SpaceX, which is Elon Musk’s rocket business, has also banned workers from using the technology for fear of considerable security and privacy concerns. In March, an investigation by Motherboard showed that the iPad and iPhone app for Zoom sent data about the device of the user to Facebook, even if the user did not have a Facebook account.

You need remote working tools that put security first

Thankfully, there is the next generation of video conferencing and collaboration tools that are appearing on the market, and these tools are going to pay much greater attention to security and privacy issues. End users are running out of patience with software that does not have security at the forefront.

Carolina Digital Phone considers security from the very start

At Carolina Digital Phone, we have many years of experience in the communications sector. Because of this, you can be sure that security and privacy are built into all of our products from the very beginning. This is why there are so many employees and businesses that trust our platform. From password protection to limiting access, there are many different security features that you can expect with our service. This can give you complete peace of mind that you can operate without having to worry about a data breach.

If you would like to find out more about the products that we have available and how to make the most of the security features we provide, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for more information.

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